Global Economical Impact

Health, Food, Energy and Environment are the primary factors that drive us to sustainable world. How this could be achieved and the only solution would be innovation. For economic growth and prosperity, innovation is considered to be a working force, but without proper funding, research and development would be practically an impossible task. Developing partnerships and collaboration will have a major role in obtaining funds, but this requires an exposure to global scientific society.

Global statistics suggest that still research sector is more only affordable field of interest to developed countries. The recent information analyzed for year 2014, compared towards total global research spending of each country, the United States of America is ahead of all other countries, with highest share of 31.1%, followed by China and Japan with the expenditure levels 15.3% and 10.5% respectively. Europe has been spending 21.7% with major contribution from Germany (6.1%). Among highest research priority giving countries highly developing nation India is also included with a contribution of 2.7%. Surprisingly, rest of the world spends only 5.4% on research and developments.

Aquilus international believes in building partnerships across the sectors for innovation towards sustainable world. Aquilus initiates collaborative and international partnerships by scientific meetings, exhibitions and symposiums, arranged in all parts of the world for students, academicians, researchers, experts, entrepreneurs, business delegates etc... Aquilus publishes innovative ideas and useful results from researchers which further develops a way to sustainable technology. Aquilus scouts new technology and further develops a marketing strategy between research institutes and entrepreneurs leading to applied research transfer. Aquilus nurture research scholars to new research environment in universal educational system for learning new techniques.