Global Energy and Sustainability

Climate changes are terrible consequences of manmade incidences to fragile environment leading to global warming and ecosystem collapse. These implications of shifting climatic changes are further characterized in developing unstable farming conditions and food crisis. To fight this situation, we need to understand the conditions responsible and efforts should be made to make this planet a sustainable region. Population and pollution are growing equally, where energy requirement would be taken as baseline element for responsible changes in different ways.

There are few advices and alternatives given by experts in case of energy, emissions and crisis, such as using green energy, increasing energy efficiency in all devices, saving energy, regular analysis of carbon emissions etc.. These all pave a way for reducing global carbon emissions. Few energy miracles were listed as solutions, such as carbon capturing and storage, Nuclear energy, wind energy, solar photovoltaic, solar thermal systems, geothermal systems, biofuels and fusion energy. But promoting and developing these techniques requires efforts and contains significant challenges which are being worked out by researchers all over the world.

Aquilus international believes in building partnerships across the sectors for innovation towards Global energy and sustainability. Aquilus initiates collaborative and international partnerships by scientific meetings, exhibitions and symposiums, arranged in all parts of the world for students, academicians, researchers, experts, entrepreneurs, business delegates etc... Aquilus publishes innovative ideas and useful results from researchers which further develops a way to sustainable technology. Aquilus scouts new technology and further develops a marketing strategy between research institutes and entrepreneurs leading to applied research transfer. Aquilus nurture research scholars to new research environment in universal educational system for learning new techniques.