Aquilus International promotes, support and facilitate the development of scientific research to understand and harness the potentiality of research innovations.

We endeavor the highest intellectual pursuit and act as an effective future delivery system for creating a disease free, nutritionally secure society living in safe, clean environment, leading to overall socio-economic growth, welfare and progress of humanity through our global conferences, conventions, seminars, workshops, research publishing, technology transfer consultancy.

We believe in building partnerships across the sectors for innovation towards sustainable food and agriculture. We initiate collaborative and international partnerships by scientific meetings, exhibitions and symposiums, arranged in all parts of the world for students, academicians, researchers, experts, entrepreneurs, business delegates etc... We publish innovative ideas and useful results from researchers which further develops a way to sustainable technology. We scout new technology and further develop a marketing strategy between research institutes and entrepreneurs leading to applied research transfer. We nurture research scholars to new research environment in universal educational system for learning new techniques.

Our Standards

We are committed to provide great service to scientific community. We are teamed to provide responsive, reliable and customer-focused scientific specialist services, mainly focusing on sustainable development in research field.

Our services operate through 3 teams

  • Meeting team
  • Publishing team
  • Consulting team

Our Capabilities

We are motivated to arrange scientific events with high standards and hospitality towards our customers is our greatest priority. Working on best team of publishing for obtaining authors as well as editors to publish a literature with high scientific importance will be focused and brought to our readers. We are collaborated with both scientific institutes as well as international universities for providing consulting services for both entrepreneurs and research scholars.

Our mentors