Aquilus International acts as a spotlight for all research solutions intended for threats both existing as well as existed globally. We make sure that
these solutions should be discussed, published and shared globally. We make connections between intellectuals and entrepreneurs giving out
eco-friendly and innovative output. We focus towards webbing sustainable education all over the world
and passionate scholar’s together working for a sustainable world.

After several millions of evolution, world has been undergoing a severe diffusion and diversification in the field of health sciences. With melting human values and interracial discriminations, few major aspects are being side tracked, leading to diseased and unhealthy communities. The fundamental concept of better health is happier and well-being of human race, which also contributes to economic progress. Global health burden factors are considered like infectious diseases, non-communicable diseases, mental health, injuries, increasing risk factors, such as tobacco usage leading to cancers and physical inactivity causes obesity.


Food and Agriculture is estimated that 35 years from now would be unprecedentedly stressful in the field of agriculture towards mankind. Experts listed reasons to be increase in global population which is expected to be 9.3 billion in 2050, high competition for increasing scarce land, reducing water and energy resources, and global climatic changes. Thus the requirement for food is estimated to increase by nearly 40%, which would be a great challenge to agriculture sector. To overcome and maintain sustainable food and agriculture sector, three dimensions, such as social, economic and environment, should be maintained equally.


Climate changes are terrible consequences of manmade incidences to fragile environment leading to global warming and ecosystem collapse. These implications of shifting climatic changes are further characterized in developing unstable farming conditions and food crisis. To fight this situation, we need to understand the conditions responsible and efforts should be made to make this planet a sustainable region. Population and pollution are growing equally, where energy requirement would be taken as baseline element for responsible changes in different ways.


Health, Food, Energy and Environment are the primary factors that drive us to sustainable world. How this could be achieved and the only solution would be innovation. For economic growth and prosperity, innovation is considered to be a working force, but without proper funding, research and development would be practically an impossible task. Developing partnerships and collaboration will have a major role in obtaining funds, but this requires an exposure to global scientific society.


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